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When are we going to get a Digg and reddit widget?

  1. Digg and reddit drive 50% of my blog traffic, it would be nice if we could get a Digg and reddit widget that would automatically place a Digg or reddit vote button. Before moving to WordPress, I had those buttons installed in my blogspot blog. And because of these buttons I had a lot more votes, and thus a lot more traffic. It is time that WordPress add Digg and reddit widgets.

  2. Words of wisdom from gamehq :)

    You can download GetSocial here:

  3. @hillelstoler

    Thank you for the complement... :)

  4. I just installed GetSocial, and I must say it is very nice. It should be an official WordPress widget. I will make a donation.

  5. We've also GOT a Digg button, and have had for over a year. It's in the FAQ. On certain posts you may want to use both, as the Digg button is big and appears right at the top of the post.

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