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    I’m puzzled by this as it’s happened twice, but both recently.
    Sometimes the title of a post does not display. Or rather, it displays inconsistently.
    Right now, the third post down on my blog doesn’t show the post title.
    Yet, the post title does appear in the left navigation menu. Stranger still, when I click on the post again from that nav. menu, it displays with the post title.

    The same thing happened to a post about a week ago. On a straight view of the blog, several posts display the post titles, and one post title is not displayed. Same thing: the title did appear in the nav. menu. Clicking on that is the only way to get the post title to appear. But to the blog reader, it looks like an error, it’s confusing, on one post there’s no title.

    Is this a bug in the theme, do you think, or…?
    Anyone have any thoughts on this? I’m puzzled, perplexed, little frustrated.
    Thanks for whatever ideas or suggestions,

    The blog I need help with is believingimpossiblethings.com.



    That usually happens when something is Categorized an “Aside”. Have you done that? It’s some unique functionality that WP.com hasn’t yet announced.


    In coraline, you can choose what category you use for the “aside”. Go to appearance > theme options and set a different category to use as the aside category.


    Or if you are not going to use it at all, from the pulldown select “select a category” and then save. That should turn the function off.



    Sorry for delay but thanks both for your help


    You’re welcome.

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