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    Thank you, I don’t know where to search for an answer except here. My personal blog is http://rebekahstudio.wordpress.com. My service blog is http://kalahuihawaii.wordpress.com. I have the blog subscription widget on each, and I’ve signed up for subscriptions myself so I can see the emails. My problem: The email pointing to kalahuihawaii states that it is from rebekahstudio. I generally want to keep the two separate. How can I get the email to state that the sender is kalahuihawaii? Is it possible to make this change?

    The blog I need help with is kalahuihawaii.wordpress.com.


    I see now that what I’m objecting to in the email notification is what appears to be the name of the author. Is it possible to change the name of the author, or am I stuck with the author as recorded for my main blog?



    The unique identifiers here for our accounts is the email address we register with. If you have used the same account and email address to register both blogs then you can disassociate them. Create a second user account or “persona” with a different email address, and add the second persona as an Admin to the blog you want to transfer to that persona, and then transfer the blog from one persona to the other.



    We cannot change usernames. We can use a different display name or nickname. But if both blogs are registered under the same username account then you will have to do what I described above.


    The author that is appearing on the email notification from kalahuihawaii.wordpress.com reads “Rebekah’s Studio,” whereas I prefer it read “Rebekah” as I indicated in my settings, and if you click on it from the email, it takes you to the correct blog that is “Ka Lahui Hawaii”–at least it goes to the correct blog. The username is rebekahstudio, so that’s additionally puzzling. Oh, well, I’ll live with it. Somewhere, some time I’ll find where I must have made a mistake.

    The links you suggested did not pertain exactly, but thanks anyway.



    I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to help you with this. I think you may need Staff help but they are unavailable from 5pm EST on April 30th to 12pm EST on May 3rd.



    The author’s name is the username, not the nickname you choose. It’s always going to be the very first username you signed up with, unless you go through some fancy footwork that’s probably not worth the bother.

    To wit: create an entirely different user, with a different email account. Give that user admin privileges on the second blog. Contact staff and ask them to delete Rebeka’s Studio” as admin of that blog.


    Ahhh…okay, thanks.

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