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When can we expect...

  1. More themes uploaded to the free WordPress?
    I don't mean to sound greedy or anything lol, just something I am curious about.

  2. We have no idea when new themes will be introduced and forum volunteers get no prior warning of the introduction of any new themes or features. What I can tell you is that a great many theme requests have been made and most have yet to be introduced.

    The process for requesting a specific theme is to send staff a feedback with a link to the theme and to include the reasons for requesting that it be adapted to run on software.

  3. It's my turn for a hat-tip to TT!

    How long is a piece of string?

    I know that sounds like a sarcastic answer, but it's the right answer. Unfortunately the mere mortals (most of us) in the forum don't get to see the schedule for any new features at

    If by some miracle we find out we tend to shout about it in the off-topic forum.


  4. @Collin
    You will note my restraint. If yet another two column blue/white/gray boy theme with a big blue header jumps the queque when so many women responded to Matt's girly theme post, then I may become the leader of the most vocal group of unhappy campers that has ever seen.

    The Kew Institute study makes it clear where the numbers are. Women in their 40's blogging for self expression rather than to to re-hash the "news" ie. politics, sports or tech subjects of the day the majority. Need I say more?

  5. Heh! Yes, I noted the restraint. You're gonna have to go a long way to beat certain unhappy campers though.

    It would be nice for TPTB to do something about that post and get some girly themes for, well, the girlies!

    @dsynk: If you were feeling so inclined, you could purchase the CSS upgrade, pick Sandbox and design a unique theme. It's not the easiest thing in the world though!

  6. can i ask what's tptb?

  7. "The Powers That Be."

    They also aren't predictable on how often they come up with new themes. Could be six months in between, could be a week.

  8. O.k thanks for your reply(s)!
    Much appreciated!

  9. oh haha, thanks raincoaster

  10. Best wishes dsynk. :)

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