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When clicked on a image , go directly to the original image ( please help )

  1. Hi guys
    i wonder if its possible when a user click on the a image they go directly to the original image and not a resized one?

    i use this code to insert the images: [gallery columns="1" size="full"]

    take this page for example:

    when i click on a image, it will go to another page and when i click on that image it will go to the original image. its there any short code like the on im using that DOESNT go to the second page , but directly to the original image

  2. Link to Image, not Link to Page. Under the URL space, put the URL of the uploaded image, without any size constraints.

  3. Not if you are using the Gallery feature. To the best of my knowledge, regardless of the size of your thumbnail, it will only link to an Attachment page.

  4. is there any code like the one im using? [gallery columns="1" size="full"]
    coz i mostly upload 20+ pics and it takes time for me to link to the pictures one by one.

  5. If you are using size full then there isn't really a need to click on the photo at all, is there?

  6. You can't do it if you are using the gallery feature, as Jennifer says.

  7. oh ok, is there any code that i can write so that the images isnt clickable?

  8. Not if you're using the Gallery feature.

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