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When clicked, why is image on post not displaying at file size?

  1. In the following post

    The image

    displays when "View Image" is selected at the size chosen for its display size in the post. Previously, all of my images would display by default at the file size. In this case, the file size is considerably larger, 800 X 832 pixels, and WP is not allowing that size to be viewed. Why?

    Some of the images embedded on this site are very large, with widths and/or heights exceeded 2 or 3,000 pixels. Is WP now intending to forbid the visitor from viewing the images at the original sizes? Or is it because this particular image is linked to an external page?

    I checked some other large images on the site to see if they were still displaying at larger sizes, for example this one,

    And they are still expanding when clicked. Why not the image in question?
    Blog url:

  2. By the way, I am not a fan of the new black background has chosen for the display of isolated images. Especially since, unlike the case with WP gallery images, there is presently no option to remove the blackness. Black backgrounds look good with some images, and are suitable for some blog themes, but they are not particularly becoming and appropriate with the black and white images which are the great majority of the 7,000 or so images on this site, with the present theme.

  3. Meant to say "not becoming or appropriate."

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