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when commenting, why i told " that is not your identity" after having logged.

  1. I am EMAIL: [email redacted]
    USERNAME: won5vin
    PASSWORD: [password removed from public forum]
    After logging in to, I attempted to use my wordpress identity at the following url to post an entered comment and received a notice that said that is not your identity. What fid I do wrong? look for url in following message if not added to this message. Bill c. [removed]
    Blog url:

  2. If something can not be explained by the inventor on a level understanable by a novice does the inventor really understand what he has invented? Yes, I am pissed and ready to "throw in the towel" with wordpress. I am through wasting hours with wordpress if I can not get assistance. 864-419-2797.

  3. Why oh why would you post your username and password on a public forum that is now in Google search engine for anyone to see and use!!

  4. If it's not too late i would change my password pretty sharpish if i were you. Luckily for you the machine redacted your email address. Never ever reveal such things online.

  5. Thanks for your concern giddygoat. I have no regrets. Maybe my priorities are different than most internet users. 864-419-2797. PEACE (THE NON-ISLAMIC KIND)

  6. This is about privacy and password protection, and it's something you SHOULD be concerned with.

  7. Someone could use your details and cause all kinds of problems for you across the internet. Especially if they log in as you, and spam everywhere. Or imagine if they used your details for something more shocking, or evil!! Your username could be used for just about anything now, being as you gave away so readily your password, and are not at all concerned about who has it. Re-think your blase attitude!!

  8. @won5vin

    Absolutely change your password! Your blog-identity can be stolen unless you change it now.

    As for your question about the log-in for commenting it is meant to prove that you are who you say you are:

    If they are using an email address that is either associated with a wordpress.COM account, or is associated with a Gravatar account, they will be asked to log in to prove that email address is theirs. This change was due to people impersonating others in comments (as I understand it it was impersonation of a Google big-wig that set this change in motion).

    Please realize that this is mostly a peer to peer support forum. Most answers are provided by volunteers. We explain, but cannot set the policy.

  9. I do feel rather bad for this person. Perhaps staff could remove the details? as i'm sure this person doesn't understand the significance of it all.

  10. I reset my password and still get the following message while logged into and after attempting to comment on the above url.
    You do not own that identity.

  11. my best (educated? ) guess is that I need to signup/login with

  12. I'm sorry. I don't have any more help. Perhaps another volunteer has more information for you. Wait to seeā€¦

  13. my best (educated? ) guess is that I need to signup/login with

  14. I'm glad you changed your password, but that has nothing to do with whether or not you can comment on Blogger/Blogspot. People have had the same problem for years with this inability to comment, and with the 'you do not own that identity'. Google obviously want people to sign up for a blog with them. Try searching Google with the problem and you will find many related items. Is there a solution? Sign up for Blogger!!

  15. maybe not since the above url (at top) specifies "wordpress" w/o specifying ".com" or ".org". I did successfully change my pw back to an earliet pw (not the one published above) and still get the same deadend message. I guess only the (highly) experienced need "apply here".

  16. How many more times do i need to say it? You were advised to change your password for security reasons and not to enable you to comment on Blogger. I have already explained what you can do but you seem to be ignoring it. Google your problem and you may well find the answer, but as i have already said, this problem has been going on for years, the problem is on Blogger, not WordPress.

  17. @won5vin
    Posting comments to Blogger ie. blogs is now and has always been problematic. Open ID fails more often than it works. The Blogger software expects you to enter the exact same blog URL as your username, which of course is silly given we have other blogs. Unless the blogger on the blogspot blog chooses to implement the comment option of posting using a username and URL you will not be able to post a comment. You can get a Blogger blog and use it only for leaving comments on blogspot blogs but otherwise, that's the way it is.

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