When does it actually post?

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    I know there is a simple solution to this but I just don’t know what it is. In creating my last two posts, I started them the night before I wanted to actually post them , ultimately creating a draft. However, when I actually finished my drafts and then published them, they were nowhere to be found and the status showed them as having been published 13 hours prior even though they were still drafts at that point. I hate that! What am I doing wrong?!

    Thanks for your advice-:)

    The blog I need help with is wanderwoman17.com.


    First off, go to settings > general and make sure your offset from GMT/UTC is set correctly for your timezone.

    What are the titles of the posts that you published?



    Actually, many people have reported that things publish at the time you start the draft, rather than the time you hit Publish. It’s a glitch that WP.com should definitely fix. I’d suggestion contacting staff and complaining via your Dashboard Help button.


    Is this some new bug? I’ve never noticed it before, but just now I checked and it shows that my last post was 24 hours ago, when it was actually only 13 hours ago. But I did save it as a draft 24 hours ago.



    It’ new-ish. Say, within the last month.


    I haven’t really noticed this. Does your post just not show up whatsoever? Or just timestamped wrong?


    Thanks Raincoaster and TheSacredPath. At least I feel like I’m not totally crazy! Here’s the latest post I published today which showed that I posted it 13 hours prior before I actually did and put me in the back of the pack.


    Thanks again!



    Oh, and to thesleepingsun, the post showed up under some of my tags but because I guess some tags are busier than others, such as Travel, I just got moved off the map completely..

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