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When geotags will be "human readable"?

  1. javierarantegui


    According to :

    "Geotagged posts get marked up with the geo microformat, geo.position and ICBM meta tags, and GeoRSS and W3C geodata in feeds. All of this stuff is “machine readable”, not “human readable”; it’s hidden from view.

    We’ll soon be launching a bunch of human readable stuff like theme integration, widgets, shortcodes, maps, etc.

    Also, geotagged posts and profiles will be searchable in the soon-to-be-launched Geo Search."

    That webpage is 4 month old, and I would like to know how soon is "soon"? ;-)

    A rough estimation would be fine. I want to use a to track my summer trip and geotagging could be a really useful feature.

    Thanks for the great job!


  2. Gosh - guess what? We Volunteers answering forum questions don't have access to any information other than what other members have access to. Consequently, you will have to post your question directly to Staff. Here's the link. >

  3. javierarantegui

    OK. Thanks for answering.

  4. You're welcome. :)

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