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when he wont comiit and is dishonest

  1. what would you do if you were talking with a person on the internet for nearly a year and he still had single adds out and still frequented them but told you he didn't and you knew he out right was lying to you. Do you think this guy is a player and has commitment issues and issues with dishonesty? Would you want to meet this person?

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  3. defrostindoors

    I would forget about this person. He's already proven that he's a liar and dishonest; why would you want to waste any more time or emotional energy on him? Whatever attractive qualities you see in him (and he's only showing you what he wants you to see, since you've never met him) would be cancelled out by the b.s. and lying, IMO.

  4. Presumably you do know that the net is crawling with zeta males desperately trying to make contact. So I'm wondering:
    (1) why you posted this thread here instead of posting it on your blog;
    (2) why you would accept the advice of people whom you do not know; and
    (3) what you intend to do with the comments you receive here.

  5. This post reminds me of every Cathy comic ever written.

  6. Me too ... lol :D

  7. defrostindoors

    Next installment: storm72 eats a whole jar of peanut butter, then tries on a bunch of ill-fitting trendy clothing. End panel: storm72 ranting with one finger pointed to the sky, while dog/salesperson/boss rolls eyes.

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