When I click on the title the header image changes to the featured image

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    Dear Community,

    Please help me.

    Whenever I post a new blog post, and someone clicks the link via twitter or facebook it goes to the page requested, however the actual blog HEADER IMAGE is not the one I chose – it is replaced by the FEATURED IMAGE from the post I have just posted.

    Also, whenever I am on the blog home page and I click on one of the blog post titles it does exactly the same thing – the HEADER IMAGE is replaced with the FEATURED IMAGE of that post.

    I Have cleared the cache etc… and I’m using Firefox.

    Pleeeeeeeeeese will someone help me !
    Blog url: http://undertheculture.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is undertheculture.wordpress.com.


    I desperately need help, whenever I click on the blog title the header image is replaced by the featured image of that post.

    And also, whenever someone clicks from an external link ie: via twitter, it does the same thing.




    Answered here:
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