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When I comment - my image doesn't show and my name doesn't link

  1. Hi -

    I was looking for some assistance. I noticed that when other people post comments on blogs that they have an associative picture and their name links back to their blog. But, when I post a comment, the picture I have uploaded doesn't appear, and my name isn't linked. What do I have to do to remedy this? Thanks.

  2. thistimethisspace

    (1) Your username is linked to this blog
    And your avatar is displaying here in the forum. Is it the one in question?

    (2) Did you just add your avatar? If so it may not be retroactive and therefore may not appear on earlier comments you made. There's also a time delay for displaying avatars to take into account.

    (3) If you have another blog and now want instructions for linking your username to it then here you go. We all have two profiles at One on our blogs and one here in the forum.

    Here’s how to link your username to your blog in your blog -> Users -> Profile
    In the right hand column locate “Website” and type in the link to your blog example:

    Linking your username to your blog in the forum
    (1) Go up to the top right hand corner of this forum page and look for “Welcome,_________ ! View your profile” and click “View your profile”.

    (2) Next click “edit this information”.

    (3) Complete the fields being sure that where it says website that you enter (no period at the end or the link won’t work)

    (4) Once you’re done click “Update Profile”. Voila! Now every time you sign into the forum we can click on your username and your blog will be linked to it.

    (5) Also note that there is a complete record of every post that you make to the forum on your forum profile page. Everyone in the forum can access it by simply clicking on “Member” next to your username. :)

  3. A link to an example comment would be great. :)

    edit: Found one. I see the avatar image fine. And the other poster will get you your instructions on linking your url.

  4. Wow, that was quick. Thanks! Yeah, I just put the website info in this morning, so I guess I shouldn't expect it to work retroactively. Thanks again for the help.

  5. Wait, why isn't my avatar showing up on my home page right column - or in this guy's right column where I left a comment -


  6. thistimethisspace

    That's something that needs to be reported to staff as volunteers do not have backend access to blogs and cannot effect technical fixes

  7. This takes a bit to explain so hold on.

    And my big long explaintion just got eaten. So here's the short version.

    [Aside to staff: Some line breaks in the Recent Comments widget would be a good idea.]

    The data is saved in the database at the time you leave the comment. If you make changes later on, the system doesn't go back and reedit those comments.

    The avatar is slight different though. You're assigned the default blank one to begin with with the url of Everybody gets that one. When you upload a new one, the url changes to become your specific avatar url:

    Since the URL:s are different, the change in avatar doesn't show up and you;re stuck with your older, basic avatar for your comments before hand.

    Now, and this is where it gets sticky, if you replace your avatar, the new URL remains the same. That's why that does get replaced in the comments and here in the forums?

    Does that make sense?

  8. Thanks, I appreciate you taking the time. And I get your explanation, but why are comments I posted weeks after changing the avatar not showing the new avatar?

  9. Not a problem.

    Because it has the different filename. When you upload the avatar for the first time, the file name gets changed. The older comments are still using the default url and the system doesn't go back and change the saved information. The site url, the avatar url, your user name, etc is all saved at that time when you leave the comment.

    If the file name was assigned to be specific when your account was created and not the default, you would be seeing it in your older posts.

  10. Yikes! Ok, how do I fix this, though? How do I make it so that comments I post from now on will show my avatar?

  11. This is something that needs to be reported to staff as volunteers do not have backend access to blogs and cannot effect technical fixes

  12. There's no need to contact support and there's nothing broken. It's working the way it's supposed to. Thgere's nothing to fix.

    The comments that you make from now on will have the avatar. It's just the older ones that you did before hand will not have it.

  13. drmiketemp-

    No, see, that's the problem. I changed my avatar weeks ago, yet even yesterday when I commented, it still wasn't showing.

  14. @mermitage
    I understood you on the first go-around and now a whole day has been wasted. :(
    This has occurred before and it is something that needs to be reported to staff as volunteers do not have backend access to blogs and cannot effect technical fixes

  15. Yeah, I logged it with support. Thanks for your time.

  16. You're welcome. Sorry the whole thing turned out to be so long and drawn out that you lost a day. As we can no longer help you on the forum will you please mark this thread as "resolved"? Best wishes. :)

  17. testing. one, two, three

  18. @archiculture
    The blog linked to your username is not a blog. It's a free download from and the support forum for those bloggers is at

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