When I google my site domain the wordpess credits theme comes up before my blog

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    I was just wondering if you can help me :-)

    My blog http://www.happyyoganewcastle.com

    has been published since the 15th May 2015 and it is definately indexed by google because it shows up if I google http://www.happyyoganewcastle.com

    However, if I just google the key words Happy Yoga Newcastle the theme credit for wordpress comes up first, then my facebook page, then a page for my website, with my homepage being nowhere to be seen.

    I am very frustrated about his and feel very over my head (this is my first site) as I have no idea if I have done something wrong, or if it just a waiting game. According to my webmater page I have been crawled twice but though I kinda understand what tht means I don’t really know what it means practically for my site.

    Any advice about getting my site further up google? or does it look like my site has been blacklisted, and if it has how do I fix it?

    Thank you!! I’m a bit overwhelmed!!


    The blog I need help with is happyyoganewcastle.com.


    Hi thehappyyogashala,

    This is a really big question.
    For starters I’m guessing you mean May 2014 when you said the published date. That is still relatively new when it comes to a website and I’ve found that it can take a while before Google ranks your site properly.
    Your site is showing up in search results so you have’t been blacklisted and Google would let you know if you were inside your Webmaster Tools.

    A good read on SEO and WordPress.com is http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2013/03/22/seo-on-wordpress-com/
    Another good one is http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/04/11/seo-and-your-blog/

    The best advice is make sure you have good content that people will want to read.


    … and be patient. I’ve been blogging here for a few years, and it does take Google and other search engines to rank your site. Keep posting regularly, and use your “tagging” wisely. With time, you’ll get the results you want.

    You can even, use the “social media” widgets and/or connect your site to whatever social media network you belong to. When I first started, I found that it helped.



    Thanks so much for the answers you have been posting to support forum questions.Your answers are good ones. I especially like the way they address the specific question being asked.

    A blog is a post based website designed for interactive communication. As the posts are frequently updated and appear on the front page of the site it’s very attractive to search engines.

    What most people call a website is merely a page based site that functions as a one way noticeboard. As the structure is page based and as pages are for static content that rarely changes, and as pages do not have RSS feeds it is not as attractive to search engines as a post based blog structured site is.

    Any WordPress blog can be restructured from being post based to being page based but making the choice to create a page based structure has negative SEO implications.

    What attracts search engines is unique content in posts that cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. I suggest your create a Posts page (titled as your prefer) and start now publishing brief original content posts on yoga related subjects frequently two or even three times weekly to gain search engine attention.

    If you scroll down to “Is there anything that will expedite the search engine indexing process?” in this post of mine you will find 10suggestions for gaining search engine attention. http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/2010/01/21/omg-i-cant-find-my-blog-on-google/


    Thanks @timethief I appreciate that. I’m trying to get more involved. Love WordPress and have for a long time.



    You’re welcome.


    Thanks everyone!

    Timethief: thanks for the link to the article ismyblogworking was really useful and informed me that my blog just hasn’t been indexed yet.

    In relation to posts, I have been adding a new post every week to my post page which is entitled Yoga Tutorial Videos. This is not on the homepage as I’d rather have the homepage static but will this affect SEO? Am I better of setting it as my homepage?
    I have a sidebar widget with the blogs posts on.

    Thank you all again, I really appreciate your time :-)



    Having the front page static significantly affects SEO. A friend of mine changed from blog posts on the landing page to a static page and dropped from a top 1000 blog to something like half a millionth in the world just from that one change.

    I always recommend, if SEO is your concern, to post three times a week and have the landing page feature blog posts.


    Thank you so much!! Gonna change that right now :-)



    You’re welcome. You can still use category pages in your header to sort things, that has no negative impact on SEO.

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