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When I hit 'publish' it shows up as a comment

  1. Hi there
    Does anyone ever have it happen where you write a post, click 'publish', and it does publish, but also for some reason duplicates as a comment on your own blog (as well as a published post). I can't figure out what I 'm doing that leads to that, and it's only been happening lately.

  2. I've never had this happen. Could it be a theme issue? What theme are you using and have you changed it recently? Could it be a browser use?

  3. Lisa

    Are you referencing old posts when you write a new one?

    I'm just wondering if you are seeing pingback/trackbacks that appear as comments in your old posts.


  4. I've had the same happen to my blog on many occasions. I write a new post and hit "publish" and I immediately get a "comment", which according to the e-mail is from the IP The comment always merely contains a bracketed quote of the beginning line of my post.

  5. Where does the comment go? If you're linking back to a previous post on your blog, then it should do exactly that and the comment will go in the comments section of the post you linked to. That's what a Pingback is, so your readers can negotiate from one reference to another on your blog.

  6. Sorry, yes, it's the same as what PCM266 says. It seems to be an occasional thing; a hiccup bug

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