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When I insert a link in to a post, the link says error 404

  1. Hello I'm new to wordpress, and when I wrote a post, I wanted to link to a page on my external Etsy shop, for reference. I highlighted the word in the edit post section, clicked the link icon and went to the etsy page in another tab, and cut and pasted the address in the browser bar for the etsy link, and inserted it into my post. When I view the finished page, the link takes me to a page that says error404. I have google chrome which I love, do I need to clear my cookies/cache, or what part of the link URL do I to attach to the word I've highlighted in my post?

    The external page I want to link a word in my post to is-

    I hope someone can help as I'm not that computer literate. But I can make stuff.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Here's the code you want for a link. Replace "ANCHOR_TEXT" with the word in your post.

    <a href="">ANCHOR_TEXT </a>

  3. Thankyou timethief! I did that, and now the link in my post takes you to the etsy website, but not the specific page, it says -uh oh the page you're looking for does not exist -WHich is a standard etsy message, usually for when the seller or page has been deleted.
    Any clue as to why that would happen?
    And do I just have to change the ANCHOR_TEXT words into the word that I want to link from in my post for every link ?

  4. Unless or until you replace "ANCHOR_TEXT" with words of your own and link it to a specific page on Esty it will keep retruning a "404" page not found.

    Every link has "anchor text". The more specific the anchor text is the better.
    "onecoolsitebloggingtips" will be the anchor text
    the URL I want to link it to is

    The HTML format is:
    <a href="">onecoolsitebloggingtips </a>

    The way tit will appear in the Visual Editor and in a post is like this:

  5. You can see here how to make a link in the Visual editor >

    You select the anchor text you want to link to with your mouse, and then you click the "link" (chain link) icon in the Visual Editor. A pop-up box will appear and in it you place the URL you want to link the anchor text to. You click the "Insert" button, and the linked anchor text will appear in your post.

  6. panaghiotisadam

    "Any clue as to why that would happen?"

    Because the last phrase of that paragraph goes:
    The sleeves need to be loose, not tight like socks, more like <a href="//">LEGWARMERS </a>">legwarmers</a><a href="//">legwarmers </a>">.</a>
    Which is a complete mess. Switch your editor to HTML and replace the above with this:
    The sleeves need to be loose, not tight like socks, more like <a href="">legwarmers</a>.

  7. Thank you again for that, I've managed to make the post link go to my etsy shop, by typing in my shop name before the in the code, but not to the specific PAGE or listing in my ETsy shop.... Making links is straightforward enough, but making the links work and having to know codes and editing and replacing words, well..

    I will read the link you've given me tomorrow, too much overload for my brain atm.
    Thank you so much, but I think it need to do some learning ! I don't even know what a URL is , let alone how to modify codes etc......So it's very hard to understand your answers when I don't know the workings of coding and stuff..

  8. After my last post, if you want to give up on me I understand!
    But how do I switch my editor (?) to HTML (?)
    I can replace the codes, but where and what are my editor and HTML?

  9. I just found my editor and switched to HTML. I should be able to insert it now thanks to your codes. Many thanks.

    DO I have to switch to editor and HTML when I want to insert a link into a post?

  10. panaghiotisadam

  11. @craftresurrection

    DO I have to switch to editor and HTML when I want to insert a link into a post?

    No. I provided the instructions for creating a link in the Visual editor here. :)

  12. Woot woot! It's done, thanks so much timethief and pana.
    EVery time I want to put a link in a post, do I have to switch to html to paste the link address into the link on the post?
    ANd do I have to manually type in the at the end of it?

  13. I'll read them both tomorrow.
    I don't understand why you almost have to be a computer programmer to do such a seemingly easy thing, but anyway, I'm glad there is help out there. Thanks

    Back to important things, like craft. Cheers

  14. EVery time I want to put a link in a post, do I have to switch to html to paste the link address into the link on the post?

    No. One does not have to be a coder and only use the HTML editor to make links. :) You can use either the Visual Editor or the HTML editor to create a link.

    In the Visual Editor all you had to do is select the anchor text with your mouse, click the chain link icon, enter the URL into the pop-up box, and click "Insert".

    Please check this page to be sure you do have the Visual editor function enabled and have the use to both the Visual and HTML editors.
    Dashboard > Users> Personal Settings
    scroll down and make sure that there is no checkmark here >

    Visual Editor ____ Disable the visual editor when writing

    If there is a checkmark then remove it and click "Save Changes".

    Not to worry. Many bloggers never use the HTML editor at all. Once you have used the Visual editor a to create links a few times it will become routine for you. :)

    Hope this helps. :)

  15. Thanky

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