When I open my panel to edit a page, the editing page does not display correctly

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    Cannot successfully edit my pages

    The blog I need help with is professorlandon.wordpress.com.


    I have not been able to update pages because I cannot successfully edit my pages. The edit page does not display correctly.


    Have you tried another browser or computer?

    These types of problems are usually browser related.


    The problem wasn’t in the computer because I tried another one with the same result. I made some adjustments on a security filter that I have installed and the pages open normally now, but I can’t be sure that the problem was in the filter because this particular filter has been on both of my machines for months and this is the first time that I have experienced this particular issue. Anyway, the problem has resolved itself. Thanks for your suggestions. If it happens again, I’ll try another browser. It’s nice to know that there are helpful people in the world today.

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