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When I post to Facebook - this annoying paragraph accompanies....

  1. talesoftheoceancity

    Am using motion theme... when I send a post to FB - this very annoying phrase accompanies the posts... "Hey there... grab the RSS feed..., etc" - I used cosomization to get it off of my front page... but it still accompanies my posts to FB - how can I get rid of this???

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thistimethisspace

    Motion: includes a default message (“Hey there! Thanks for dropping by…”) containing an RSS Posts link. To remove this message, go to Appearance > Widgets, then drag and drop the widget of your choice (even an empty text widget) into the Header widget area. ...

  3. talesoftheoceancity

    Hi - thanks. I did this to the best of my ability twice... I placed a test box widget with nothing in it into the header area in the widget page...

    But this annoying phrase is still there! - I've also gone through the process of reconnecting to FB - but it is still there. I have 2 blogs actually... and the other one - was Motion at first, though I changed to 'Piano Black' and went through the reconnection process another helper told me about - BUT the POST still has the phrase - it shows before I press the GO button for the FB post. I am plagued! Please help me get rid of this awful phrase which makes my FB posts to me - hideous! - -Thanks!!

  4. talesoftheoceancity

    I tried an empty textbox... I wrote something in the box... no matter - when I press on the FB link.... it offer the post plus the 'Hey There" phrase.

    I really need some help here... I plan on posting through to facebook, twitter, etc... a number of times a day... and this has already cost so much time. What are my doing wrong?

  5. when I send a post to FB - this very annoying phrase accompanies the posts... "Hey there... grab the RSS feed..., etc"

    I looked at but I couldn't find the phrase. Could you describe exactly how to find it or (even better) post a screenshot showing your entire browser window so I can see what you're seeing?

    Based on your description so far, it sounds like it might be a message that appears on the Facebook side, in which case you won't be able to edit it through however I might just be missing where the phrase appears.

    Could you also please reply with a copy of the entire message exactly as it appears?

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