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When I run out of ideas...

  1. When I run out of ideas to blog about I usually just post a cool picture, my blog is synced up with twitter so the post goes there too. Just to let people know I'm still here and posting once in a while. what do you guys do?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I usually start staring at the screen, looking into my mind, until I come up with an interesting idea. It works for me ;)

  3. I usually have a poo, something always come to me on the loo.

  4. You made your first poem Pete!

  5. :O Who knew!

  6. lol I'll have to try that one

  7. theinsanityaquarium

    I have a notepad full of past ideas for blogs, so if I ever feel myself straining for an Aquarium Mondays post on a Sunday evening, I take a look in the book and steal an idea out of it.

    Most ideas though do tend to form when doing totally mundane activities. Pooing included.

  8. :O Pooing is anything but mundane! It's what I look forward to once I get home from work! :D

  9. I don't write if I have nothing which really hits me as a good post but that may be my downfall. Do you guys think it's best to post often even though it may be lesser quality than posting only when you have a top idea?

  10. theinsanityaquarium

    When I run out of ideas for forum topics and stuff, especially the 'Ask/Answer' thread, I always have a look at the photos I have dotted around my room. Right in front of me are six photographs: one of Brighton pier (which also couples as my blog header image), my hamster, me standing in front of a rollercoaster, me and the boything, my family at a meal, and lastly one of me and my best friend Dave. So if I'm sat there flailing because I can't think of anything to ask, I tend to just stare at my wall for abit.

    So ideas can come from anywhere! They are especially useless however if they come to you in your sleep and you can't remember what they were when you wake up. Although that is how my most recent blog post was made... I woke up in the middle of the night and scribbled 'Armageddon Toaster' on a piece of paper. Go figure.

  11. theinsanityaquarium

    Oh! And to answer your most recent question: quality is always preferable over quantity :)

  12. When I run out of ideas I do one of two things: I stop blogging for a while or I do a 'wittering' post. My wittering posts go down surprisingly well!

    Except that one time not that long ago to get round blogger's block I asked people to ask me questions and I answered their questions as posts. That kept me busy. I have one or two still to answer.

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