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when I try and upload a pic

  1. from" my pictures", what comes up is a square with an "x" in matter how many times I try and either refresh, republish, cut and re-do it. I have another pic that did the same thing and I got it from some place else.

    so what gives, huh ?


  2. Need an example please so we can see what's happening. :)

    edit: The FAQ on uploading pics in case you haven't seen it.

  3. I followed the instructions...but this still happens. See my blog : and you will see the examples.


  4. See it now. Give me a few minutes to try something out over here. I'm thinking its either the spaces and / or the '&' mark in the file name that's throwing it off. I would like to know for sure before I give you an offical answer. :)

  5. Short answer: The '&' mark appears to not be allowed within a file name.

    Picture used by the way is work safe. :)

    I tried this first on my blog here without any issue.

    I then tried it over at the test blog that I have here and you can see that the two pictures that included the '&' mark are not showing up.

    Use of the space does not appear to have any effect.

    Hope this helps,

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