When is it safe to clean up media library?

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    To all those out there well versed in wordpress.com blogging, please tell me when is it safe to clean out the media library?

    Mistakingly I deleted photo’s I had uploaded into my blog, thinking I was being prudent by allowing for neweer phot’s and keeping track of the allowable space.

    When I went back to check on my posts I discovered that by deleting the photo’s from the library (or gallery) I still don’t have those two right in my mind, I found out that the photo’s were no longer in the blog pages…. Ouch I seem to have made a huge mistake. AM I wrong in thinking that you must retain all of the photo’s you use within your blog pages in order for these not to disappear from your published blog pages? If this sound convoluted I guess it is, for myself at any road.



    If you delete the photos, you won’t be able to display them on your blog.

    So…it’s only safe to delete a photo when you no longer wish to use it.



    If your worried about the space you could use
    Photo Bucket & set the account to private then
    use the URL upload option to display photos in your posts.


    Thanks to both of you for your responses. I realized my mistake when I previewed my post after deleting the photos and had to go back and reload “new” in order to have them included into my posts.

    tech07 I love your site – so wonderfully set up. So a new side question to you is, how does a Newbie learn to make her initial page look like yours, with tabs at the top for others to wander about in?

    So much to learn and at my age my learning curve is at a standstill in its arc.

    the hutonmillstreet



    Thanks for the compliment. :)

    To be able to achieve tabs at the top is quite easy all you have
    to do is go to Appearance > themes from your left navigation
    menu in your dashboard. then just look for a theme that offers
    tabs. BTW The theme I’m using is the Digg 3,

    Sorry for such a late response.



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