When it comes to posts, how can I automatically get links to posts too?

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    Hello all, here’s the deal when I first started posting articles of interested or something I found elsewhere I aways would copy n paste it to post, the links that shown on whatever page i was pasting would post automatically post as well, now they dont. Therefor I have to add the links manually (tick toc tic toc) to each post when i`m trying to show a source, we always credit our sources by stating where we found it at and so on ;) for instance today I seen an article on yahoo and wanted to post it, normally i could just right click and select all, copy and paste it and presto it all shows in the post even the text links from the original.

    The blog I need help with is swaggtalk100.wordpress.com.



    When you copy and paste if you use the Visual editor the links will usually be there. However, by not using the correct pop-up box for copy and pasted text found in Row 2 icon 5 or 6 (5 Paste as Plain Text or
    6 Paste from Word) what you will also get is extraneous code. That will then be problematic so you will have to switch to the HTML editor and remove it.

    See here > http://en.support.wordpress.com/visual-editor/#row-2


    The visual editor does’nt display for me anymore either all I get is the boxes with the following in the editor ul, ol, li, code, more, lookup, close tags…etc
    above are are the ones I know nothing about or how to use them.

    thanks for the link and info as usual your the best TT



    The visual editor sometimes vanishes. Just go to Settings->Writing and make sure you’ve got it enabled.

    Do not ever, EVER copy and select ALL and then paste it into your post. That is illegal.

    You are allowed to take a snippet of somebody’s post and link to it, you are not allowed to take the whole thing.


    @ Raincoaster how is that illegal when its not like i’m trying to pass it off as mines??
    i’ve seen that alot and if that is the case then I guess a large % of wp.com users and other places are doing illegal things too (unknowingly).

    feel free to post a link to the wp.com rules on that or even better a mention of a law website or any other reliable & verifiable source. That just does’nt make sense to me unless its a online urban legend or something. I’ve been online for a few years now and seen tons of dozens of articles, sites, webspages, but thats the first time i’ve heard of that…which is VERY odd

    *shrugs* learns something new everyday,

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