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When should I move my blog & commercialise?

  1. I was just wondering when do you know its time to move your blog to say...

    How many hits per day is average to make a comfortable income from a blog??

  2. *shrug* It's a personal choice really. Do note though that most advertsing program don't work on counts of ad views any more. They operate more on click thrus.

  3. thistimethisspace

    "to make a comfortable income from a blog"

    Have you been reading those "I made a million on the internet" promotions, or what? LOL :D
    Many have tried to make an income of any kind from blog advertising and most have failed. If you're not a specialist in some area you may make a few bucks from pay per click through adverts but "a comfortable income" well, I doubt it.

  4. LOL, well at the moment I only have my own personal blog. But, I have just finished college and started working as an IT consultant and I think that I could give it a pretty good go.

    I dont want to sound like I'm over looking writing/blogging skills, time management, organising etc. But, I would like to think that I have the knowledge to specialize in my chosen area when I do start the blog.

    Really I was just wondering and I'm looking for an average of ... what figure would be consider a high-baller (as far as views : money making ratio is concerned) and what is low?

    I do realize I have alot to learn about blogging! ;)

  5. There are blogs here that get thousands of hits each day and do not make it into the Top Blogs.

  6. If everyone was to think that way then I don't think there would be such a large blogging community here on and all over the internet for that matter.

  7. Do you understand what drmike said? You get paid on click throughs. If people do not click through to the advertising site you get nada. I don't ever click through on ads at all. Do you?

  8. Yes, loud and clear, you get paid on click throughs.... but I was responding to your last post:

    "There are blogs here that get thousands of hits each day and do not make it into the Top Blogs."

  9. Actually that was somehting I checked. I'm not seeing you on the Blog of the Day archives.

  10. No, I'm not there. I have alot to learn from the likes of blogging greats such as yourself. Maybe someday.

  11. The average reported income from blogs set up specifically to generate income is something like $33 per month. That's "the professionals". Until you're in the top twenty thousand on Technorati, it's probably not worth your while.

  12. Cheers raincoaster that gives me a guideline. Top 20,000 Ouch!

  13. If you're interested in making money from blogging, I strongly recommend Darren Rowse's blog:

  14. @andrew
    A perfect example to be sure. There are so many ads that one has to look hard to find the blog posts. ;)

  15. Yes, that blog is mostly good for learning about advertising. There are other ways to make money from blogging, such as working for corporate blogs, ghost blogging, etc.

    And how can we tell what someone thinks of as "a comfortable living?"

    To give you some perspective, Gawker Media blogs are all in the top 1000 on Technorati, and they charge $75 for a week's worth of ads, I think.

  16. Thanks for the link! I'll have a look at it. Appreciated.

  17. €75 a week. Not3bad.... but are their blogs flooded with ads?

    I think a little bit of cash on the side would be a nice reward though from doing something that you enjoy.

  18. Not 75 euros a week, 75 dollars a week. Take a look at their blogs:

    They are certainly NOT loaded with ads.

    Also, recognize that the vast majority of people with blogs are not in the blogosphere to commercialize it, but to express themselves and do an end-run around those who would restrict publishing to those approved by the industry.

  19. Don't get Google Adsense because no one makes money from those unless your one of those MySpace graphic sites that get a million hits a day. Try getting sponsors and affiliates. But I know entertainment/gossip bloggers that gave up their full time jobs to blog full time because they were making that much money. Try getting Blogads:

    You say how much you want a week/month. And they say it's invitation only but all you need to do is email and ask I heard.

  20. Agreed. You'd do better with actual sponsors or working to find specific advertisers. might be something of interest for you as they list hundreds of specific advertsiers that they manage and you have to sign up to specific programs. You can pick and choose and find what works best for you.

    Plus it's not javascript based. They offer text links and you are allowed a single text link within your sidebar here at so you can use them here at to get you started. Just don;'t use the banner adverts. They will get you ToSed.

    Adsense will throw anything up there. It's hard to manage and you wind up only making small amounts for the most part. While my monthly check is fairly good for the account I have setup for my hosting, it's taking about 200 clients to do that and doesn't make what I would get if I actually charged those folks hosting fees. With my own personal account, it basically buys me breakfast and coffee for two weeks every other month if I get a check (ie make more than $100)

  21. They offer text links and you are allowed a single text link within your sidebar here at so you can use them here at to get you started

    That's a text link ad. That is not allowed.

    From the faq:

    A discrete link to your business or a site you are associated with in the sidebar or an About page is permitted.
    A discrete link to Amazon or similar in the context of a post is okay,

    The above does not allow text link ads.

  22. If you don't specifically define "a site you are associated with" to exclude sites you are PAID to associate with, it's still open. Maybe you want to tweak that definition (also, it's "discreet").

  23. @Mark and raincoaster
    In the UK the use of "a discrete link" means one and only one link.
    Discrete (UK) = Constituting a separate and individual thing.

    In North America, Australia and New Zealand "a discreet link" means one and only one modest and unobtrusive link.
    Discreet = Free from ostentation or pretension; modest.

    If this section is to be re-worded and suggest that it ought to be, then Mark must determine whether or not he means "one and only one link" which would allow for a banner that takes up a whole sidebar.

    Or if he actually means "one and only one modest and unobtrusive link" which would not allow a banner that takes up a whole sidebar.

  24. I will amend the faq.

  25. Clarified.

    Raincoaster - thanks :)

  26. That's a text link ad. That is not allowed.

    Really? Then why was it deemed acceptable when I asked you if I could place one such link on my own blogs? And this is the definination we've been giving folks now for months. *sigh*

  27. I have just seen that link - if you would forward the email conversation to me?

  28. @drmike
    I believe you and Mark are referring to two different things. I think Mark is saying "no" to this but he is not saying "no" to this type of link.

    @Mark - Am I correct?

  29. 7k+ emails in my inbox. Let me go find it.

  30. TT, I know what discrete means; it means as opposed to subsumed in a larger whole. As all of our links are discrete (unless they are poorly formatted and inoperative) I don't believe this is what the writer of the TOS was referring to.

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