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When should I move my blog & commercialise?

  1. @raincoaster
    /nodding and moving on
    I understand the point you made and I am in agreement with the need for clarity with regard to the financial benefit aspect.

    If you don't specifically define "a site you are associated with" to exclude sites you are PAID to associate with, it's still open.

  2. text-link-ads is a service for selling advertising space on blogs. You can't even use it on because it needs backend access.

    To answer the first post, if you get around 8k-10k hits per day with occasional spikes of 16k then commercializing might be worth it.

    Commercializing is hard, hard work though. Even the people who devote a lot of time and energy into learning about it and making it into the Technorati top 500 only do around $3k / month.

    My blog does around 4500-6000 hits daily, and has a Technorati rank of 1800. When I was looking into whether it was worth the time to "go pro", it looked like I could make something like $200 a month off of text-link-ads, didn't really look at what I could make off of Google, etc... I decided it wasn't worth the effort to move the blog, and spend all that time figuring out advertising schemes.

  3. I just found out that Gawker also runs job ads: at $25 per placement, good till the application deadline. The professional association I'm with charges $75 for two weeks on its mailing list, and it has a monopoly on the field in this part of the country.

  4. Still looking for the email. Didn't think it would be an issue although I did ask to make sure.

  5. Most ad providers, as engtech says, are going to need some sort of tracking code which would make them impossible to place on blogs anyway. If people were to manually insert paid links into their blogrolls or text widgets, though, I don't see how you're supposed to tell the difference between that and a normal link that hasn't been paid for.

    So in order for this policy to mean anything, I'd assume that blogs could get deleted just for linking somewhere that looks spammy, or having a link that doesn't 'fit' with the rest of the site.

  6. FYI: The original question is a little moot at this point since twelve hours ago he posted about problems exporting his blog to a one.

  7. @wank - we are not that harsh. We do try hard not to penalise genuine mistakes because we know they happen.

  8. God Bless GMail!

  9. To answer the first post, if you get around 8k-10k hits per day with occasional spikes of 16k then commercializing might be worth it.


  10. tigerplug: engtech hit the nail on the head that problogging is hard work. However, you're asking the right questions because the work starts with your switch from Once you do so, plenty of monetization options become possible and some require your blog to be a certain age -- so the sooner the better.

    One such example I've invested in is PayPerPost ( ) that requires a blog age of 3+ months. Multiple PPP bloggers earn $500+ in sponsorships per month for blogging at their own blogs (actually, the current top 10 have earned $585-$790 in just the first half of June) -- plenty to cover the cost of domain/hosting and you select the sponsors, not GOOG.

    All that said, focus on quality, selectivity and relevance first, and the earnings will come.


    NOTE: Payperpost is not permitted here at Your blog will be suspended if you use it. So please don't - Mark

  11. @danrua
    This is an old post and tigerplug has already established a blog with software downloaded form

  12. Multiple PPP bloggers earn $500+ in sponsorships per month for blogging at their own blogs

    Sure if they want to blog about morgage companies over and over again. ;)

  13. I too have noticed that all they ever blog about is mortgage companies over and over ad nauseum ad infinitum. As rumor has it -- it can lead to brain death. Or, is that what the original qualifications for a ppp start up is? (zombie blogging) ;P

  14. If all they ever blog about is mortgage companies, they're headed for a huge fall over the next 18 months. Also, if I had the power I'd have removed, rather than edited the above: it's an ad for PayPerPost, with no backup of the claims at all. It's spam.

  15. I would have slapped a modlook on that too, if I'd seen it.

  16. @rain and wank
    Agreed it's spam and it was reported as such.

  17. What? That post up there? *shrug* Didn't have an affliate link within the post (I checked) and heck, we've had folks link to the adsense website in the past.

  18. {shrug} It has a payperpost link in it and I thought the link should be removed. It's your call.

  19. I don't care about links: that is ADVERTISING COPY. It's an ad. It is advertising. Advertising in the forums is not allowed.

    You all know if someone did something like that for Blogger claiming Blogger bloggers made $500 a month, it would be killed immediately.

  20. It's just a link and mark put a disclaimer in there.l

  21. @drmike
    Three girls against one boy means you lose. (na-na-na-na-na)
    An ad is an ad is an ad. So please take the advertising copy down.

  22. I write ads. I know an ad when I see it. That's an ad. This has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with advertising. I see that Mark gave it a pass: I'm just saying I wouldn't have.

  23. Mark outranks three girls. (I wonder what his wife would say about that)

  24. Mark outranks me, but again I say this is not gender-based. If you value your own gender, agree with me. Quickly. I know where you live.

  25. nodding to rain
    Never forget that Google mapping provides a bread crumb trail right to your doorstep and three women scorned .... well, need I say more?

    P.S. to rain
    The "not gender based" card is yours to play. I'm rotflol.

  26. Actually you don't. My address is one of the area homeless organizations I help out at.

  27. Crack me up ... a little bait and WHAM! the ladies land one. .... ROTFLMAO ...

  28. Yes, but we always know where to find you.

    "I'm posting from a ridiculous old terminal in the central library right beside the donuts and..."

  29. Library closed at five. I just don't want to walk home.

  30. Okay, so now we have a timeframe, too.

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