When should Pilcrow Theme be available for WordPress.org?

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    Trying to transition from WP.com to WP.org but want to keep the Pilcrow Theme – I know it is supposed to be made available on WP.org. Does anyone have an idea when that might happen or how long that development usually takes after release to WP.com?

    The blog I need help with is thetennisorganizer.wordpress.com.


    I’ll tag this for staff attention and have them move it over to the themes forum. Hopefully one of the theme team will respond soon.


    So I should look there for a response?



    This is now IN the themes forum, so yes. They may or may not respond, though, because they may not have a schedule for that.


    Just come back to the forums and at the top where it says, “Welcome, thetennisorganizer!” click on your username and it will bring up a list of all threads you have posted in. That is the easiest way to find it.


    Thanks for the help… Maybe the squeaky wheel will prompt a positive response


    Yeah, let’s hope it was just because of the holidays and it is ready to go.


    So you think it might be that close to release?


    If it was rolled out here, then it should be pretty close I would think. They have to back some of the wordpress.COM specific stuff out of it to post it over at .ORG and make sure that it won’t break things over there.


    Normally, they come out at the same time. I was kind of surprised when this one did not.


    Oh, you know what? I don’t think it will show up till the official release of 3.1. I think Pilcrow has some advanced stuff that needs WordPress 3.1. (we got 3.1 early).


    Still Beta testing on the 3.1? Since I’m a newbie I have no clue how often new version releases occur – 3.1 might be approx. expected when?


    I had to like a theme that doesn’t follow the normal release pattern…


    3.1 is at RC2 (release candidate 2) and I expect we will see it in probably a week or so. I’ve been watching the development trac and there are right now only 7 open tickets and most of those have patches but just need testing.

    Generally they had been doing pretty major releases several times a year, but as things have evolved, the cycle has slowed a little. It takes more time for development as it gets more robust and more complex.


    Thanks for your expertise and the very pertinent information – Mahalo!


    Hi, thetennisorganizer. Pilcrow should be available soonish in the WordPress.org themes directory (it’s not dependent on the release of 3.1).


    You should be in politics – “soonish” is very noncommital. Will it be possible to have all files for the .com site transferred, including comments and subscriptions, to the .org site hosted on JustHost with the same domain thetennisorganizer.com?


    Are there any current “glitches” delaying the Pilcrow release?


    No politics for me. :) Pilcrow needs to be reviewed and approved by the WordPress.org Theme Review Team before it will be available for download in the Free Themes Directory. I can’t say for sure when that will happen but it should be soon. There shouldn’t be any glitches delaying it’s release. In the meantime, the Pilcrow theme files are available here.

    Transferring to a self-hosted site should be a snap with the exception of subscriptions. Those are exclusive to WordPress.com. We have some great instructions on moving to WordPress.org in our support docs.

    Good luck with your blog!


    Thanks for your help – I’m not tech savvy enough to know what to do with those Pilcrow theme files right now. I assume I could install them on the .org platform?

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