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When should Pilcrow Theme be available for

  1. @ Thesacredpath, thanks for responding..

    sounds like there is no email subscription option for .ORG ??? Does feedburner do the same thing by delivering a notification to a subscriber's email ? What do you mean by "re-up"? It took me a long time to get these subscribers so I really don't want to go through it with them again if I can help it.


  2. You could try this plugin on your blog:

    Unfortunately, since you're switching subscription systems, your email subscribers will need to resubscribe.

  3. The WordPress.ORG software does not have a built in Subscribe Widget.

    Feedburner should do the same thing (I have not used it) - you sign-up and then put a link on your site usually in the Sidebar (use a text widget probably)

    You will need to ask your regular subscribers to subscribe again - there is no way of transferring a subscriber list. If you export your subscribers email and send them a separate email you will be in violation of several laws against spam depending on where you live or your subscribers live. Yes you will probably loose a few subscribers on the move.

  4. Although the wordpress.COM blog subscription thing is a nice tool, this is exactly the reason I always suggest an outside service such as feedburner. You can move your blog anywhere and switch software without loosing subscribers.

    @auxclass, with a self-hosted blog, you can use the slick feedburner javascript code in a text widget and everything happens right there on your site. No new windows opening or anything else. It works nicely in my experience.

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