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when will followers receive notification of new posts?

  1. I posted something new this morning, but a follower reports that he still hasn't received notification of that. How long should it take before these messages go out?
    Blog url:

  2. Your followers control how frequently they receive your posts.!/read/edit/
    See this "Get new posts by email" and note the dropdown:

    See here > What if the emails aren't getting through?

  3. thank you--helpful to know this. Still very new at blogging.

  4. If you follower cannot locate the email in his email client spam filter and his settings are "instantly" and not to one of the other settings, then please return to this thread and I'll flag it for Staff attention.

  5. thanks. How does a follower check his settings for notification? We tried to figure this out from the "follow" widget on my blog, but could find no way to check settings.

    Again, thanks.

  6. Widgets only display data. That's all they do.

    Please have your follower click this link after he has logged into!/read/edit/

  7. Again, thanks. Will check this out.

  8. Tried checking this our, but my follower is not a WordPress member, so he really can't log in. How do non-members check their notification status?

  9. If they're email subscribers, it should have a link at the bottom of the email that says.

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