When will I get WordAds

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    I’m just wondering how long it might take to get WordAds if I applied last week?

    The blog I need help with is ditsykitchen.com.



    I am also wondering how long it will take to receive notification. My blog can be found at: http://jacksonupperco.com/



    Note that we Volunteers answering support questions on these technical support forums cannot assist with any WordAds issues. You must contact WordAds Staff directly.
    Contact http://wordads.co/contact/

    This thread is tagged for closure as WordAds issues are not discussed on these technical support forums. However, note that I have tagged this thread for a Support Staff follow-up as well.



    Our advertising partners do have a minimum traffic threshold. Looking at your page views, its not possible to earn meaningful earnings given your traffic levels. A site generally needs in the hundreds of thousands of page views to earn meaningful earnings. As your traffic grows we will continue to apply to get ads activated.

    For now, I recommend reading this guide: http://en.support.wordpress.com/getting-more-views-and-traffic/

    I want to strongly emphasize sharing your blog with your friends and family. If they like it, they’ll share it with their friends, and so on.

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