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When Will "Improved" Dashboard Get Fixed?

  1. Probably shouldn't use scarce energy, valuable time, poor eyesight to post, but: took SEVEN+ hours to publish a page on my blog yesterday, I've had Enough.

    FORUM SEARCH turned up only posts from April '08, none for December new Dashboard. I'm mystified, fed up, ill (week #3), clueless --which/what is fault of my system, due to Dashboard mess. So If you know --can give solution/work-around --or have SAME probs: please post.

    I'm not ego-driven, don't give a damn about "traffic" --if One person reads page I've written: I'm happy; if 10,498 read it, good, either way material/info/facts --still there for future readers. But New Dashboard went up:

    -Then Day after my first post (--page?): happened to notice something missing,
    eventually shut off cookies and Googled my blog to look for it; as I said I'm not ego-driven,
    but stunned to discover: no PageRank
    --How the hell does site ranked "5" --go to "0" --after WP new Dashboard gets installed?

    -Also discovered: a page that got nearly 200 readers in one Afternoon --'happened' to have
    Advertising --shoved under my headline...Thanks heaps, WP staff.
    I'm Sure all the new readers: "impressed" with my wedge of WP, will return ASAP. What,
    you "couldn't" spare the ink/electricity --to give me heads-up, so I could write
    a disclaimer/'sorry' line?

    -First thing I noticed: all the widgets in different position --didn't like it one bit, but
    stuff Happens, no big deal, attempted to put them BACK --No Go --took LONG TIME to even
    find them/shove into place, repeatedly --they wouldn't go --only got moved Yesterday, sheesh, why?

    -Stats: day's count -pages clicked on -graph number: DON'T MATCH
    --click on Bar Graph for Day --Frequently doesn't match --any thing else.
    e.g. Say 'Today's Count' lists "1" --but 'Pages Clicked' shows several, and
    the bar graph sometimes doesn't match either of them. That's all new. Why?

    -"Blog Stats" page: Stats, data --everything shows up BELOW Sidebars;
    I hit "refresh" --for awhile, eventually it goes UP to proper place --but why?

    -"Syndication" --haven't had even one stat --EVER --and not fixed in new Dashboard --and why?

    -"SpellCheck" --doesn't recognize "blog" --"Los Angeles" etc. --STILL
    and STILL tries to divide and "correct" words --e.g. "diminish" is TWO words
    to that thing. Why? --HOW is it even Possible for an Internet SpellCheck
    NOT to know/recognize the word "blog" --gimme a break

    -What happened to: "WRITE" --"MANAGE" period
    It is NOT cute/charming to put: "add new" instead, sheeeeesh.
    --WHY did WP make things soooo damn complicated? There is NOTHING intuitive about
    the stuff in SIDEBAR List --half the time: mistaken --I'm writing on the WRONG thing, wind up
    creating a "post" --when it should be a "page" --or hell, other way round,
    and I have to cut, paste into the Other --it's WAAAY too much --NEVER made that mistake
    on last Dashboard

    -Yesterday when I had to cut material to paste into the Other (--post instead of page or vice versa):
    TONS of code went into HTML, (font --color, size, line break, etc.) unnecessary junk
    --never saw that before, what's up with that?

    -While writing I Click on: "save draft"--HOW is that "better" than just: "save"?--but I get: pop-up
    that says "are you sure you want to navigate away from this page"
    --then have to click "cancel" --HOPE material doesn't disappear, sheesh, HOW is that
    'improvement'? HOW to stop that?

    -When I'm writing: takes Truly LOOOONG TIME for words --edits, pastes, etc. to appear
    is that a prob
    of WP --WP server --theme --my browser --the stupid wireless 'provider' I have to use
    or other?

    -And the Number One Most Annoying Thing in New Dashboard: in "Visual" --vertical scroll bar
    Disappears --Behind right-hand Sidebar --scrolling: next to Impossible --will be fixed when?

    WP staff nver heard of "Less is More"???
    These "improvements" way DO have: diminishing return. Think of it: WP keeps on stuffing --with each successive "new" Dashboard until ~TaDa --the thing entirely ceases to function. How 'impressive' will that be? LESS --is MORE.

    WHEN: will ALL this stuff, and Much more, get fixed?

    So far only "improvement" I've seen:
    -Theme I'm using --after I clicked on "update" --the Cat's: got bullets --just like the ones in designer's other/similar theme --beautiful, luv 'em, yippee (but, alas, no other improvements: half of quotation marks, STILL face wrong way, etc...)

    -I can now: cut & paste in "Visual" --don't have to switch to HTML to do it.

    But: I can't find things; width of writing space very very narrow and I CAN'T FIND what I want; SO MUCH stuff --all over the place/in SIDEBARS --over-done --exhausting --ALL too busy --irrelevant --Too Much stuff --stuff I know Nothing about/don't get/DON'T CARE ABOUT --doesn't sppear to "improve" my ability to get post/sheesh, page published --stuffed into WP --Doesn't work very well, So Much STUFF crammed in, I think WP staff out to Impress non-WP techs --at level of neurotic --So Much Stuff Stuffed into WP:
    I'm This Close to not writing here anymore. Remedy? Repair ETA?

    Meanwhile: Do EVERY thing you can think of to Avoid getting the flu-cold/fever combo mess going around the US, it is wicked nasty; healthy --last time I was ill was October 1987, but been outdoors only Once since Christmas Eve --ruined holidays & my birthday --I've nearly gone to ER --three times; I'm sicker than I've been in my lifetime, so are many others, it Doesn't go away; "flu" shot: WORTHLESS. Happy New Year to each. Thanks for reply.

    PS If it matters: I'm on Win98 se --yes, BEST of the bunch, glad not suckered into 'Millineum' 'XP' etc., junk

    -Yes, have dot COM blog (disconnected from Forum posts, so it won't get Googled), if you want to see/confirm:
    d a V i n e r e m e d y dot WP dot c o m

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