When Will “Improved” Dashboard Get Fixed?

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    Probably shouldn’t use scarce energy, valuable time, poor eyesight to post, but: took SEVEN+ hours to publish a page on my blog yesterday, I’ve had Enough.

    FORUM SEARCH turned up only posts from April ’08, none for December new Dashboard. I’m mystified, fed up, ill (week #3), clueless –which/what is fault of my system, due to Dashboard mess. So If you know –can give solution/work-around –or have SAME probs: please post.

    I’m not ego-driven, don’t give a damn about “traffic” –if One person reads page I’ve written: I’m happy; if 10,498 read it, good, either way material/info/facts –still there for future readers. But New Dashboard went up:

    -Then Day after my first post (–page?): happened to notice something missing,
    eventually shut off cookies and Googled my blog to look for it; as I said I’m not ego-driven,
    but stunned to discover: no PageRank
    –How the hell does site ranked “5” –go to “0” –after WP new Dashboard gets installed?

    -Also discovered: a page that got nearly 200 readers in one Afternoon –‘happened’ to have
    Advertising –shoved under my headline…Thanks heaps, WP staff.
    I’m Sure all the new readers: “impressed” with my wedge of WP, will return ASAP. What,
    you “couldn’t” spare the ink/electricity –to give me heads-up, so I could write
    a disclaimer/’sorry’ line?

    -First thing I noticed: all the widgets in different position –didn’t like it one bit, but
    stuff Happens, no big deal, attempted to put them BACK –No Go –took LONG TIME to even
    find them/shove into place, repeatedly –they wouldn’t go –only got moved Yesterday, sheesh, why?

    -Stats: day’s count -pages clicked on -graph number: DON’T MATCH
    –click on Bar Graph for Day –Frequently doesn’t match –any thing else.
    e.g. Say ‘Today’s Count’ lists “1” –but ‘Pages Clicked’ shows several, and
    the bar graph sometimes doesn’t match either of them. That’s all new. Why?

    -“Blog Stats” page: Stats, data –everything shows up BELOW Sidebars;
    I hit “refresh” –for awhile, eventually it goes UP to proper place –but why?

    -“Syndication” –haven’t had even one stat –EVER –and not fixed in new Dashboard –and why?

    -“SpellCheck” –doesn’t recognize “blog” –“Los Angeles” etc. –STILL
    and STILL tries to divide and “correct” words –e.g. “diminish” is TWO words
    to that thing. Why? –HOW is it even Possible for an Internet SpellCheck
    NOT to know/recognize the word “blog” –gimme a break

    -What happened to: “WRITE” –“MANAGE” period
    It is NOT cute/charming to put: “add new” instead, sheeeeesh.
    –WHY did WP make things soooo damn complicated? There is NOTHING intuitive about
    the stuff in SIDEBAR List –half the time: mistaken –I’m writing on the WRONG thing, wind up
    creating a “post” –when it should be a “page” –or hell, other way round,
    and I have to cut, paste into the Other –it’s WAAAY too much –NEVER made that mistake
    on last Dashboard

    -Yesterday when I had to cut material to paste into the Other (–post instead of page or vice versa):
    TONS of code went into HTML, (font –color, size, line break, etc.) unnecessary junk
    –never saw that before, what’s up with that?

    -While writing I Click on: “save draft”–HOW is that “better” than just: “save”?–but I get: pop-up
    that says “are you sure you want to navigate away from this page”
    –then have to click “cancel” –HOPE material doesn’t disappear, sheesh, HOW is that
    ‘improvement’? HOW to stop that?

    -When I’m writing: takes Truly LOOOONG TIME for words –edits, pastes, etc. to appear
    is that a prob
    of WP –WP server –theme –my browser –the stupid wireless ‘provider’ I have to use
    or other?

    -And the Number One Most Annoying Thing in New Dashboard: in “Visual” –vertical scroll bar
    Disappears –Behind right-hand Sidebar –scrolling: next to Impossible –will be fixed when?

    WP staff nver heard of “Less is More”???
    These “improvements” way DO have: diminishing return. Think of it: WP keeps on stuffing –with each successive “new” Dashboard until ~TaDa –the thing entirely ceases to function. How ‘impressive’ will that be? LESS –is MORE.

    WHEN: will ALL this stuff, and Much more, get fixed?

    So far only “improvement” I’ve seen:
    -Theme I’m using –after I clicked on “update” –the Cat’s: got bullets –just like the ones in designer’s other/similar theme –beautiful, luv ’em, yippee (but, alas, no other improvements: half of quotation marks, STILL face wrong way, etc…)

    -I can now: cut & paste in “Visual” –don’t have to switch to HTML to do it.

    But: I can’t find things; width of writing space very very narrow and I CAN’T FIND what I want; SO MUCH stuff –all over the place/in SIDEBARS –over-done –exhausting –ALL too busy –irrelevant –Too Much stuff –stuff I know Nothing about/don’t get/DON’T CARE ABOUT –doesn’t sppear to “improve” my ability to get post/sheesh, page published –stuffed into WP –Doesn’t work very well, So Much STUFF crammed in, I think WP staff out to Impress non-WP techs –at level of neurotic –So Much Stuff Stuffed into WP:
    I’m This Close to not writing here anymore. Remedy? Repair ETA?

    Meanwhile: Do EVERY thing you can think of to Avoid getting the flu-cold/fever combo mess going around the US, it is wicked nasty; healthy –last time I was ill was October 1987, but been outdoors only Once since Christmas Eve –ruined holidays & my birthday –I’ve nearly gone to ER –three times; I’m sicker than I’ve been in my lifetime, so are many others, it Doesn’t go away; “flu” shot: WORTHLESS. Happy New Year to each. Thanks for reply.

    PS If it matters: I’m on Win98 se –yes, BEST of the bunch, glad not suckered into ‘Millineum’ ‘XP’ etc., junk

    -Yes, have dot COM blog (disconnected from Forum posts, so it won’t get Googled), if you want to see/confirm:
    d a V i n e r e m e d y dot WP dot c o m

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