When will method of Emailing a post to blog be updated

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    Just tried to fathom the method of emailing a post to my blog. What utter nonsense. Why cant we just email to it just as I do with other blogs such as blogger etc. I can just email directly to post from my regular personal Outlook email.

    Just give us an address for our blog. We should not need to perform all the create new email address, set up ports etc. This should all be seamless with an email address set up on your end for our blog. We are not in the least bit interested in being a coder or web developer, that is WP job.

    Is this being worked on. We are just now being moved over the WP form Live space.

    The blog I need help with is mymrbill.wordpress.com.


    Umm, I don’t see anything about ports or anything else in the support document. Basically you email to a special email address for your particular blog. There are some optional shortcodes for certain things if you want to use them, but other than that, you compose in your email program, hit send and it is done.




    Is there a problem with Email to posts? I’m using my “secret address” but the posts don’t show up anywhere at all.


    I just tried a test email post to one of my test blogs and it worked fine.

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