When will the Twenty Twelve menu work properly?

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    I’m a teacher from a school in Germany using your new theme Twenty Twelve. I’ve read a lot about the problems with the menu and we do have these problems. That means many parents and even other teachers contacted me because they don’t have a proper menu. My first question now is: Do you want so solve this problem or is this a kind of concept? So, if you don’t solve this problem I’ll take another theme. And the second question is: When do you want to solve it? This is very important for us. Thanks in advance!
    If you want to have a look: http://www.ghrs.de
    Oliver Tesch (Germany)
    Blog url: http://ghrsge.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is ghrsge.wordpress.de.



    What problems with the menu, specifically?



    Instead of the menu, there is a menu button like in the mobile version. This problem appears when using Winxp with IE7,8. A lot of people wrote to me but I didn’t know what they have meant until I searched this problem on the internet.
    I already found another thread.

    A lot of wordpress users have this problem.



    Then tag this thread with “Bugs” and “Twenty Twelve” and “Themes” in the sidebar and staff will get to it.



    Thanks! I hope there is a chance to keep the theme…


    The menu you are seeing is not broken. Seeing the mobile menu on really old browsers is not a bug. The older, outdated browsers you are using are just not able to understand the latest coding practices used in Twenty Twelve, so the older browsers end up displaying the mobile version of the menu. Focusing on newer code practices for modern up-to-date browsers was a choice made by the Twenty Twelve theme developers.

    Our lead theme developer commented on the issue in a core WordPress support thread here:

    I see there’s some debate surrounding the menu choice, you can follow along in that thread if you’d like to keep tabs on the issue. Note that Twenty Twelve is part of the core WordPress project. The place to discuss Twenty Twelve issues that are not WordPress.com-specific is http://wordpress.org/tags/twentytwelve?forum_id=5


    I should have noted that if you don’t like the way the menu works in Twenty Twelve, you can always use an older theme that works with older browsers instead. Twenty Eleven is a good choice for that.


    I was working with Twenty Twelve again today, and I noticed this change in the core WordPress code:

    Twenty Twelve: implement better support for IE7 and IE8 (don’t use mobile menu).


    That looks like the change you were hoping for! And it’s already updated on WordPress.com. Cheers. :)

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