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When Will WordPress Add A "Socialize" Button Like Tweetmeme to Hosted Blogs?

  1. Does WordPress have plans for adding a "Socialize" button to their hosted blogs? I see a Tweetmeme plugin for self hosted blogs but it doesn't appear WordPress has any such tools for WordPress hosted blogs.

    Wouldn't adding a feature like Tweetmeme create higher levels of user engagement for WordPress while also increasing the size of the WordPress audience?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This support forum is primarily manned by your fellow bloggers ie. volunteers who do not know the answer to your question. I suggest that you direct your question to Support Staff

  3. This is the Support link (Frequently Asked Questions) which you may want to bookmark. A search there for plugin requests produced this entry

  4. AddtoAny for
    GetSocial downloadable or cross platform web tool

    Am sure someone will be along with links or feel free to search yourself.

  5. And one more tip for the proper use of categories/tags here on

  6. There are multiple threads with socialize buttons and add-ons in this forum; I suggest a quick search of the forum next time, prior to making a blog post about the lack of a solution.

  7. Tweetmeme used to have a button for here at wordpress.COM, but I think they got tired of me telling them about bugs so they pulled it.

    Ask tweetmeme to build one that will work here at wordpress.COM.

  8. @thesacredpath Thanks for answering my question.

  9. You're welcome. And look into the links t3ck listed.

  10. Liked the Marcus Aurelius quote... also thanks for all of the other input as well.

  11. I have watched t3ck's video on Add to Any site, and it appears I have to embed it each time in a post.

    I was looking for something more permanent and universal from WordPress.

  12. That is all that will work here right now.

  13. You can get AddToAny WordPress ShareButton on the toolbar of your browser so all you have to do is hit it after you publish your post and then update your post. It's really easy.

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