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When will WP provide more templates?

  1. When will WP provide more templates?

    ETA? Thanks.

  2. Honest answer - They try to add new ones every week although we went a bit without an new ones.

    Remember that to have a theme added in here, it usually requires some work done on it. Most themes still don't even support widgets.

  3. And posts to either feedback or here about desired themes won't hurt.

    (Btw, such theme requests do get read but probably will not get a response)

  4. TY.

    More cool web 2.0 colors porfavor.

  5. I'd like to see a bit more flexibility on the color schemes. I like the layout of some themes but not the colors and vice versa. It'd be nice to be able to change colors ourselves.

    And how about a button to adjust font size rather than having to code every paragraph, please.

  6. Unfortunely until theme designer start writing in these features into their designs, we're pretty much at their mercy. Remember, most of these themes were written for WordPress, not WordPress MU which we are running here. With the normal WordPress, the end user is free to modify to their heart's content. MU is for those who just want to blog and not worry about CSS and headers and the rest.

    -dr(beginning to sound like a broken record)mike

    edit: And why are you resizing the text anyway? With CSS, the end user should be doing the resizing if they need to. :)

  7. Quick drmike[don't grind your teeth and rack up a needless dental bill] grab that polite response from generaldisarray [which she has printed out and put into a plastic sleeve] and put it in a pink "sticky" in the FAQ so we can refer folks to it. :D

  8. A link to the FAQ now goes out as part of the 'Welcome' email. Hopefully (he says wishfully) that will help people find the answers to these FAQ's.

    But the one above is not addresses - I shall attend to that :)

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