When will you launch the next version of the gallery carousel viewer?

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    I have read through all the questions regarding the new “gallery” carousel viewer.I am one of those people badly affected and who wants an option to turn it off (i.e. to return to the “permalink” viewer). I can see from responses to other posts that there is no hope of getting such an option. But I noticed a glimmer of hope that some of the more glaring problems will be fixed in the next version. Can you give me any indication of how long it might take before we see the next version?

    I realize you may not be able to say precisely. I’m just looking for an order of magnitude (e.g. days/weeks/months) so I can decide if I should wait (in the hope that the next version is significantly better and I can live with it) or just give up on “gallery” altogether and try to find some way around it.
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    We’re looking into possible adding that option, but more than likely we’ll be brining descriptions and comments into Carousel. For now, you can click the “Permalink” link to see the photo’s attachment page.



    Many thanks. You should think about becoming a politician… I can see that I should be planning on rewriting the entire web site. Ho hum.

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