When Windows Live Spaces changed over to WordPress

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    Could someone please explain why my Images from my blogs in Windows Live spaces in 2008 did not move over to WordPress when Windows Live Spaces ceased to exist. I have 3 blogs and all the photos from 2008 are missing and some of 2009?
    I would appreciate any advise.

    The blog I need help with is goldcoastwhales.wordpress.com.



    Were they always missing, or have they only gone missing recently?


    They have been missing for a very long time but I can’t recall if they were there when the transition to WordPress happened. I know I looked at my 3 blogs and saw the photos were there in the transition but it is possible I didn’t look as far back as the first blogs I created. When I first discovered the missing photos a few years ago, I thought maybe WordPress deleted them after a few years.
    The photos are still on my Window Skydrive, is there an easy way to get them from there to WordPress?



    Not as far as I know. I do know WP.com doesn’t delete photos.


    Thanks for your assistance even if I didn’t get anywhere, could you do me a favour ssen as it would appear you know something about WordPress. I used Windows Live writer to create my blog to upload to WordPress. If I want to add the photos that are now lost, I will need to edit the post in WordPress. To insert photos, do I have to upload them to a gallery first?



    You can edit a Post / Page that has the missing pictures, just edit the Post and insert the picture where you want it with the cursor – then click on Add Media – you can drag & drop or browse your computer for the files – they will be associated with the Post and also loaded into your Media Library in one action – do the caption etc with the upload

    You can put them in the library first if you want – but easier to just go to the Post and insert the picture


    Thank you for your response but I have to ask you for more information, when you say Insert, do you mean, click on Add Media, then when the new window opens, do I click on upload photos?
    One other question, most of my photos are 18Mb do I need to resize them before uploading them?


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    You can add your photos to each post, or you can add them to the media library first then add them to the posts you want them to be viewed in. And yes, 18MB is huge! You should size and compress them to at the most 100kb or smaller. That will save your storage space and more importantly the time it takes to load for your readers.

    Here are some links to read about pictures:


    Thank you so much for your help. It is a shame that the photos were lost in the first place , as I have hundreds upon hundreds to upload again to my 3 blogs. Windows Live writer makes it very easy compared to WordPress.


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    Yes, it’s sad that you didn’t realize when you imported your blogs to WordPress.com that your pictures didn’t come along.

    My friend lost all of her pictures from the last 4 years when her hard drive crashed: she hadn’t made any backups. She was happy to find a year’s worth on a camera card. We put so much faith into digital media these days it’s a shock when it fails.


    It really has me confused. As some posts from 2008 have photos but they are very small, not how they were originally displayed. The other thing is, all the comments from 2008 have disappeared and there was many.

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