where accepts adsense?

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    I found WP in google. before I had found Blogger. But none of them is perfect for me.
    I apologize WP admins if here is not where I should ask this question but I just thought maybe someone could help me.
    I’m seeking a secure free blog creating service in which I can use my own ad sense. You know it is somewhat available in Blogger but not for all users, you must have a google adsense account with enough visitors.
    If someone knows such a service I wonder if he/she share it with me. I’ll try to check here but you also can email me at: m2babaeyt @ yahoo . com

    Thanks everybody

    [email broken – Mark]



    Adsense and commercial advertising of any kind is not allowed on wordpress.com blogs. Please check the pink sticky FAQs post at the head of this forum, the forum search box and the FAQs to prove this to yourself.
    Adsense may one day be allowed as a paid upgrade but not on free blogs. O if you want to monetize your blog then you are in the wrong place. You can download a free blog template from http://wordpress.org and self host your own blog or hire a web host to do this for you.

    Also, it’s very unwise to post your email address on this forum. The spam bots will be all over it like fleas on a dog. I advise you to edit your post and remove it.



    Thanks timetheft.
    You are right about my email address. Today I am receiving several spams everyday but I had to since I was afraid WP admins may delete my post and I won’t receive an answer whereas it was important for me. But now I can’t find any edit button !!!
    And many thanks for your great advice of which I was not aware (about downloading a template). I was seeking it but never knew where it is available.



    Apparently, when there is a post after one’s post, he/she cannot edit the previous post. crying



    That’s not true. Go into your Dashboard, and then go to Manage. You should see all your posts listed and be able to edit any of them.

    If you mean your posts here in the forum, yes. You can only edit your posts for fifteen minutes or so, then they get locked down. But Mark has fixed it for you.



    Not long ago the ability to edit your posts here on the forum was increased. We now have 59 minutes to edit any post we make here. :)



    Thanks Mark



    But to answer the question posed:
    You need to be asked this over at http://wordpress.org These forums are for technical support of the blogs here at wp.com. The other site is where you get support for wordpress at other locations.

    Hope this helps,

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