Where are blogs all listed?

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    I am confused about how people find your blog.
    Where does mine get listed?



    There is no overall list of WP.com blogs. There are two main blog listings: Google Blogsearch and Technorati. But there are tons of others: BlogCatalog, MyBlogLog, etc. Just register with them. You’re probably already listed on Technorati, but go and claim your blog. There are instructions on each site on how to register.



    Also there is the global category & tag pages that your blog gets listed
    on when you publish new posts here at wordpress.com
    [Click on a tag next time you publish a new post on your blog
    you’ll see what i’m talking about]

    Also wordpress.com has a blog search engine that your blog posts
    get listed on…

    Link » Search WordPress.com Blogs




    One of the ways in which people find your blog is by searching on terms to which your content is relevant. Since blogs are part of the web, the people don’t necessarily need to be using any blog-specific means of searching. Straight Google will lead people to your blog, subject to its PageRank and other factors.

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