where are drafts saved?

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    I can’t find my draft after exiting wordpress and then logging in a short while later.

    The blog I need help with is focusedonthegoal.wordpress.com.



    I have had the same problem. I finished a post, hit Preview and it disappeared. Now I cannot find it to publish it to my page. Help!



    If and only if the post was created on the dashboard of your own blog at Dashboard > Posts > All Posts > Add New then you ought to be able to recover a lost post or page from revisions if needs be.
    See also if applicable > restoring from trash http://en.support.wordpress.com/trash/#restoring-from-trash

    But if the post was created here http://wordpress.com/#!/post/ there is no means of recovery as the auto-save is not functioning there.

    Always create your posts on the dashboard of your own blog at
    Dashboard > Posts > All Posts > Add New
    The auto-save works there and the post will be Standard post format unless you change it.

    Do not create posts here > http://wordpress.com/#!/post/ where the auto-save is not working and where you are creating an Aside post format.

    Use an offline blog editor so you have backups on your own computer http://en.support.wordpress.com/xml-rpc/



    I also click on Save Draft as soon as I have the title fixed and save draft on a regular basis and after doing major things (like inserting some pictures etc.) I don’t trust Auto Save and sometimes you can get a message that there is a more current version of Auto Save than what you are working with, which can be confusing to deal with – so I save often



    U am addicted to chronic saving. I type the title and click “save draft”. I type a sentence and click “save draft” and so it goes until I publish.



    U = I


    I use text editor, usually notepad, to write the post and then paste it in wordpress post. Then I push the text file to “published” folder on my PC. I know it consumes time but I always have the back up of previous posts as well.



    Some folks use offline blog editors as they automatically create backups on their own computers.


    i didnt know this functionality of offline editors, never tried.
    thanks timethief!

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