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    Hello, hello, happy new year! I’m trying to post, but curious things are happening. I can’t insert links in visual. They are not hot. They do appear to be hot in text mode but I want to use visual and so I didn’t try it. I went into help, and at the suggestion, cleared the cache, and then even shut down. Didn’t fix it. I tried to put a question through to the Happiness Engineers May they live long and prosper, but, here’s the second curious thing, I could type into the com box but not into the second set of com boxes on the bottom half of the help page, where you put your name etc. Once, barely, a shaded area appeared when I brushed by one of these boxes, but I could not make one be hot. So I’m a bit stuck and bemused.

    The blog I need help with is thewhitelilyblog.wordpress.com.


    I managed to post, using text rather than visual, where the link buttons worked. Everything behaved strangely! When I’d put the cursor down, it would jump! The screen would re-assemble itself every so often. No matter how many times I undid too many spaces between paragraphs, they came back (and yet this solved itself somehow at the very end, when they all popped back into place). I did use the Paste from Word feature, which all decry. But how could that make the link buttons disappear??? Anyway I’m puzzled. What a fight, to post!

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