Where are my August posts?

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    I published two blogs in August. However, when I click in the archives for August, only the last one appears. How can I see both under August? Thank you
    Blog url: http://espanaboutique.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is espanaboutique.wordpress.com.



    I can only locate two Posts. Posts and Pages aren’t the same so are you sure you aren’t referring to Pages?


    There are 3 POSTS. The first one published July 25, the second August 7 and the third August 27.

    I always want the last post(only) to appear in the front page. Before I published the third post in August 27, the second post was in the front page.

    I thought that when I click in the August Archives all the posts published in August should apppear.

    Your help is very much appreciated.



    You have two posts in the August Archive. July 25th is not August is it? Have you actually posted more than two posts in August?



    You have your settings to show only one post, therefore you have to click the ‘Older Posts’ at the bottom to see the second post.


    I expected the two August POSTS to appear one after the other in the front page when I click in the August archive.
    However, I realized now that there is a little window at the bottom of the 3rd post (OLDER POSTS) that I was not awared of. When I click there the missing 2nd POST appears.
    Thank you for your help


    Your 2nd message and mine got crossed.
    Do you know what I need to do to change the appearance when I click in the August archive to show just the two summaries of the two posts instead of the entire POST? Of course this should apply only when I click in the monthly archives.
    The LATEST POST ,in its entire it, should continue appearing in the front page when anyone goes to the website.



    The “concise” format displays only the title and the first 20 words from each post so that your readers may view your posts at a glance.” http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/chateau/


    When I changed in the “Theme Options” to the archives “concise” format, it moved all the information from my sidebar to the Upper Footer Widget area. If then I clicked one of the archive months, the Post appeared in the concise format, and the sidebar when back to its place. However if I check again the website (the sidebar continue appearing in the Upper Footer Widget area.)

    Your help is very much appreciated.

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