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    Please don’t judge my website by the way. You may find occasional typos or mistakes so I promise I’ll get that fixed.

    Anyway my question is, if you go to my blog website: mandizle.wordpress.com

    When you first go to my website, blog posts appear. (iPhone 6 Roundup)

    However, when you click that red button at the top with the three lines which is the menu button. Once you click that, two button pages appear. Home and About.

    Once you click Home, it comes to a page where it tells you about the red, three line, button.

    When you click the About page, it tells you about my blog.

    Those are the only two pages in the navigation menu. Where are my posts??

    I understand if you click the Settings Gear button, it will come up with a menu with archives and yes, you see there is my iPhone 6 Roundup post.

    However, I want all the current blog posts feed to be displayed in the Home page. How do I exactly do that? I think my posts are kind of hidden when only found in the settings gear. I know my home page is kind of pointless but I would still like a home page.

    So quick roundup is what page are my posts located in? I don’t mean in the dashboard. I mean publicly on my website. When you first enter my website, you get the posts. Once you go to another page, such as About, my posts are hidden in the archive which you find by clicking the settings gear.

    Thanks for your support!

    The blog I need help with is mandizle.wordpress.com.



    By default the front page of the blog is the only page that will display all published posts, not pages on it. http://en.support.wordpress.com/post-vs-page/ And that’s exactly what your blog is doing now http://mandizle.wordpress.com/


    Update: So I realize by clicking the title of the page: Mandizle – Tech News and Reviews

    By clicking that logo, you get back to my posts. So I guess my question now is, How can I define what page I want as a home page?

    When you click the logo title, Mandizle – Tech News and Reviews, you get back to my posts. I guess THAT’S the home/front page.

    But I want that to be a different page. Probably called: Tech News. I want all my latest posts to appear in the Tech News page.

    If I have any more questions, I may make another thread but here they are. Sorry if I’m overwhelming anyone. Website again is: mandizle.wordpress.com




    I see. Oh now I see. My UPDATE post was supposed to be before you posted what you said so thanks I guess. You can now ignore my Update post because that was meant to come before you posted your post.

    Ignore my update post then.



    Okay and best wishes. But before I go here are some helpful links:
    In order to learn how to blog on this software you need to become self reliant and that means using the step by step tutorial linked to bottom of your admin page http://learn.wordpress.com

    It also means going to the support docs at http://support.wordpress.com and typing into the searchbox there to find what you need.

    When you cannot locate answers then you post a new thread.

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