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Where are my CSS changes saved?

  1. Hi! When I select 'Save Stylesheet,' I'm assuming it's saved to the server that is hosting my free blog, correct??? My question specifically is how do I "ignore" my CSS changes if I just want to use a standard theme? For example, I've made a couple of minor color changes to Andrea09 but now I'm not all that thrilled with them...can I "revert" back to the original theme (so far whenever I try in Presentation/Themes I get Andrea09 and all the changes I made)?

    Does all of that make sense? Basically, can I "turn on and off" the changes that I've made (since they're loaded after the theme if I understand correctly)?


  2. To revert the changes you have to clear the CSS.

  3. I read that in another post, and I really thought I had all of my bases covered with learning CSS...except that - how do I clear the CSS (it's not anywhere in my tutorials that I could find)?

  4. :::forehead thwack::: I was significantly over-complicating what would need to be done. Thank you, deltafoxtrot!

  5. But save it somewhere else on your hard drive just in case you ever change your mind!

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