Where are my imported posts?

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    I exported an old wordpress blog to a .xml file in an attempt to copy it to a new wordpress blog. When I go to import it, it says it is working on my import, and then I get an email saying that my import was sucessful, but when I click the link in the email none of the posts I was trying to import show up on the new blog. Does someone know why that is or how I can change it?


    The blog I need help with is anephabroader.wordpress.com.


    Can someone please help me?


    Do they show up on the ‘All Posts’ page of your dashboard?


    No they don’t. They don’t seem to actually have uploaded at all… But I have tried several times to upload it, and I always get told the upload was successful, but the posts never appear.



    Not to worry. Staff can help you with this. I tagged this thread for their assistance. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.


    Thank you very much!



    You’re welcome.



    @anephabroad: I’m sorry your import did not go through. Were you following the steps listed here? Would you mind if I attempt the move for you?

    Just to confirm, would you like to export all the content from anephabroad.wordpress.com and import it into anephabroader.wordpress.com?


    Yes, I did follow those steps. I don’t mind you trying to move me, but at this point it wouldn’t much help, I have saved a version from a couple weeks ago now, which I am trying to recover some content from. If it is likely that the file I saved is corrupted or somehow unlikely to work, that’s fine, but there is no point in you going to the trouble of migrating the current version of anephabroad.



    Did you modify the previous version of your old blog, or did you add some newer content? I can think of a couple things to try, for example, export and then re-import only posts in a particular category, or exporting and re-importing the entire blog and then deleting the posts/pages you don’t need. Let me know if you need my help to try any of those solutions.



    Actually, you can set the date range for the download as well, if that helps. If you could let me know what changes you made to the blog since last export, I might be able to help further, and I can also have a look at your old export file, if you still have it available.


    I just went through a deleted a bunch of stuff from a lot of older posts and looking back I realized that some of it probably didn’t need to be deleted. I don’t have specifics about what I changed exactly. I still have the old file, and I can send it to you if you think that would help.



    I see 7 posts in your Trash folder. If you did not empty the Trash after deleting the files, you can recover those posts (click “Restore” under the post name). After the restore, you can try the export and import again and let me know if that worked for you.


    Ah I didn’t even think of that. I can just pull the text I want out of the deleted posts from the trash. Thank you very much for the help.



    You are welcome, glad I could help! :)

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