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Where are my Nameservers????

  1. Very simply.

    I am hosting my website through GoDaddy.

    I need to enter my nameservers from WordPress into GoDaddy.

    Where are they located?

    I have struggled for hours trying to find such a simple piece of information which does not seem to be user friendly in finding


    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you are really hosting with Godaddy and already own the name you are in the wrong forum -

    if on the other hand - you own your name and you want to domain map it to a blog here - use these instructions

  3. My apologies.

    I own the domain through godaddy and I am going to be building my website with wordpress (i have purchased wordpress premium)

    I have already mapped my domain, does this mean it is complete?

    I was under the impression that i physically need to ender the nameserver from wordpress into godaddy to complete the process?


  4. yes you need to change the name servers to WordPress.COM per the link I gave above - Godaddy should be able to help you change the name servers if you are having problems

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