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Where are my older posts?

  1. Hi, there are ten posts on my blog, I have many more, but at the bottom of the current page [after the 10th post] I see nothing that would get me to the earlier posts, nor do I see any links on my side bar.

    How do I make these older posts accessible?

  2. please consider linking your WordPress.COM blog to your username so that forum volunteers don't have to go looking for it. The instructions are in the stickies at the top of this forum.

    Now about your question, at the moment I see a link to "Older Posts" at the bottom of the front page. The disappearing link is a know gremlin. When it does disappear, try changing the number of Posts per page and see if that doesn't bring back the link.

    Another option is to include the Archives widget in your blog's sidebar.

  3. Thanks so much, I 'accidentally' corrected it when I changed the post per page view from 10 to 20 - and that's exactly what you recommended - so, again, many thanks.

    My apologies for the first part. I somehow assumed that was done automatically.

    Again, I truly appreciate your good and prompt response - thanks - christian

  4. You're welcome. It will probably disappear again, but the remedy is the same.

    (BTW-Just pointing out that now you have a site linked to your username. :-> )

  5. How does one get the older posts link to show up at the bottom.

    I have my readings of posts settings at 5 but it displays tons. I have no pages just posts.

    I learned to type in school on a typewriter so this is all new to me.

    Any help would be appreciated. I want to add more posts but I will have a mess on my hands until I understand how to show only a few posts then a link to older posts. HELP!

  6. @witzell, we need a link to your blog (starting with http) so that we can see how to help you.


  8. One of your images (November 8) is too large and overlapping your sidebar, so it's pushing part of your sidebar to the bottom. Maybe editing that picture to be smaller will work. It that doesn't work, perhaps start a new thread describing this problem?

  9. Thank you 1tess. I'll try that.

  10. I deleted photo but that didn't work. Perhaps I need to restate issue. I would like to keep say 5 posts
    on the home page then have a link to older posts at the bottom. I have my settings of reading posts at 5 but 10+ are showing. Older folks with old computers are viewing. I'm concerned about their having to download so many photos.

    I stopped posting Saturday because I have too many posts already.

    Thank you so much for help in advance. This is a genealogy website I'm trying to share with many relatives.

  11. You change the number of posts on the front page by going into your dashboard under settings>reading "Blog pages show at most"

    And please link your user name to your blog as explained in the sticky, 8 Things, at the top of the forum. It will make it easier for volunteers in the forum to help.

  12. I don't see the picture overlapping the sidebar anymore. I re-read the second post above (from justjennifer) and she says it's a gremlin, meaning a but in the theme that the "Older Posts" line goes missing. You have an Archives widget already and that should work to get folks to your older posts. You could also add a Calendar widget as well. When you hover over a date people can see the post titles.

    As to the number of posts showing, I'm seeing only 5 now. Did you change that?

    As to having so many pictures and your concern about download time, you might look into the Next Page tag. You could write about the photos on page 1, then have a few pictures on each of the following pages so readers could look at only a few at a time.

  13. 1tess-Yes, support helped me. I was posting all to the front page.

    I ideally would like to have 5 posts then an older posts link at the bottom that I see others have but I've spent 2 hours looking to see how everyone is doing that. How does one put that link at the bottom?
    Then how do I hook up my older posts to that-they read already published?

    Then I have links currently at the bottom I desire them to be viewed after clicking on an older posts link.

    Thanks for any help. I'm only day 5 days into this.

    Also, Thank you vivianpaige. I will have to look up how to link username to blog.

  14. @witzell-the link to older posts is automatically generated. You don't have to do a thing. Unfortunately it is a bit buggy, as it comes and goes.

    Ah, but I see you are using "Fadtastic", which is a bit different in its setup from many of the other themes here. I believe that the newest post is given at full length, and then the rest are excerpts. You can try limiting the number of Posts per page (the default is 10 regardless of theme) and see if that works; I do have some doubts. You change it under Dashboard>Settings>Reading>Blog pages show at most X posts. Remember to save your changes.

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