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Where Are My Polls?

  1. When I make and save my polls i cant find them on my blog. am i doing something wrong?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I've never added a poll, but this looks promising:

    There's a "send to editor" button somewhere after you make the poll.

  3. I'll look for it

  4. @th3sk1ll3r - we need a link to the blog in question to help us provide accurate help. is no longer available.

    The authors have deleted this blog.

  5. I can't see it, I made a new one and it only came up with "Poll Created" and no button.

  6. i deleted "idevice tech updates"

    here's the link...

  7. dont worry i have solved the problem

  8. dont worry i have solved the problem

  9. Can you help me then?

    I also have added a poll, but I canĀ“t see it anywhere?

  10. @formulaoneupdate: Have you tried the link provided by mkrwp above?

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