Where are my visitors from? How can I find their IPs?

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    WordPress says that we can find where our visitors coming from in the Integrated Stats System, but I do not know how. Or, is there any other way to know that or even to know their IPs? Since I really would like to know the IP of the one I love. Thank you very much!!


    WordPress dot com does not provide that information to us. You would have to get sitemeter or active meter, or one of the other services and put the appropriate html into a text widget. I have active meter, and I can see where my visitors are from, for the most part, but it’s very general information.



    Thank you Richard for letting me know, but WordPress says at http://wordpress.com/features/ that we can know where the visitors are from in the Integrated Stats System. I wonder how.

    I have a Sitemeter account too, but it fails to show any information. While the Stats in WordPress shows traffic during the last few months, Sitemeter shows none…

    “Integrated Stats System
    Line Chart We have an integrated stats system which gives you up-to-the-minute stats on …where they’re coming from…”



    I think what staff means is “which links they’re clicking on to get to your blog” ie referrers. I’ve been blogging here a year and a half and have never had access to IP information in that time except via sitemeter, which does provide that information. Sounds like you need to get your Sitemeter working.

    If you are in love with someone, perhaps it’s easier if you just ask for their ip.



    Thank you, raincoaster, for telling me all these. I understand now. Thanks!



    I can see the IP address of commenters when viewing comments in the dashboard, if that is at all helpful. (since it wasn’t mentioned by the others.)



    Thanks, membracid! And you got a real nice blog there!

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