Where are the left margin on Reddle? I want to reduce them!

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    hi folks!

    So I am using Reddle and custom design on http://rolandoncoffee.com
    I wanted just a bit more of space on the main column, so I changed the css as follow (without really understanding the css structure here)

    .secondary #content {
    #main .widget-area {

    The problem is that this broke my search form in the widgets column.
    I am looking at fixing and I was considering playing a bit with the left and right margin but this doesn’t seem to be obvious! I can’t find anywhere to change these margins…

    any advice to fix that search form?

    The blog I need help with is rolandoncoffee.com.


    There are quite a lot of interdependent margins in that theme!

    I did check the search form, and it doesn’t look broken to me using the CSS you mentioned. Are you still seeing that problem?

    Keeping in mind there are probably tons of different ways to solve this issue, here’s another set of CSS to try out to make the spacing of the main column wider in the Reddle theme:

    .secondary #content {
    	margin: 0 40% 0 4.5%;
    .secondary #primary {
    	margin: 0 -40% 0 0;
    #main .widget-area {
    	margin-right: 2%;
    .secondary footer .permalink, .secondary .post-edit-link {
    	left: -8.2%;

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