Where are the photos stored please ?

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    Another question please… I have a photo heavy blog, I have a folder on my computer with photos I have used so far. I can see that this folder is going to get very big indeed even in the next year and if all these originals are stored on my hard drive my computer will get very slow. I want to store my photos on an external hard drive but am scared I might break all the connections to my blog posts if I do that?
    … or are they stored at wordpress somewhere?

    Any help is appreciated, Thanks! regards.. Kiwidutch :)

    Blog address= http://kiwidutch.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is kiwidutch.wordpress.com.


    Yes, uploading an image to your blog means a copy of it is created and stored at wordpress – no connection with your computer anymore. You only lose the images if you delete them from your blog’s “Media Library”.



    Cool bananas! My computer is already getting slow so now I know that I can store my photos elsewhere safely, Most excellent !!! Thanks so much for the information :)
    regards kiwidutch.

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