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Where are the plugins?

  1. yossiswinepage

    Ok, I'm feeling stupid, which means I'm probably asking the wrong question.

    I understand that in I cannot upload plugins and there is no plugins tab on my dashboard.

    On the other hand, this support page says:

    There are lots of plugins already bundled with every blog and website. They extend WordPress functionality and include things like Google Sitemaps, caching, Akismet anti-spam, Carousel slideshows, social media buttons, and over a hundred others.

    So where are these plugins, and how do I access/use them? Or does this mean that has built-in features that would otherwise be provided by plugins?

    Anyway, something here is unclear to me, and I don't like feeling stupid.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. They are talking about widgets:

    Is there something specific you want a plugin to do?

  3. The plugins that they are talking about are the plugins that give us all the unique features here, such as the slideshow, galleries, social media sharing feature, social media publicize feature, akismet, and the list goes on. All of those are accessible directly through your dashboard.

  4. We also have lots of shortcodes which do things we wouldn't normally be able to accomplish because of code restrictions:

  5. yossiswinepage

    @ 1tess

    My question was a general one to clear up my confusion. I think the description on the plugins support page might benefit from some rewording, as I doubt I'm the only one who didn't understand.

    Having said that, I'd love a map plugin that can read and display data from a kml file. I've been having trouble with a Google map and I'm looking for alternatives. I believe that there's a kml plugin for, but I want to see if it works the way I need before I go to the trouble of buying a domain and setting up

  6. I'll tag this to have it moved to the ideas forum. Staff look in on that forum and perhaps they will add it to their user requests and take a look at adding it. No guarantees though.

  7. I've also passed your comment along and hopefully staff will edit the plugins support page to make it more clear.

  8. yossiswinepage

    Is there some way I can tell them exactly what I'm looking for?

  9. This thread is now in the Ideas forum (and I wasn't the one who moved it) so someone on staff must be taking a look. As a volunteer, I'd advise you to go ahead and explain exactly what you want here.

  10. yossiswinepage

    Now that the Ideas folks are looking at this, I suppose I should explain what I'm looking for.

    I have a kml file for a Google map I have created. The file contains place details for each marker that appear between <ExtendedData> tags. Google Maps has "lost" some of my place details, and when I import the kml file they don't show up on the map.

    So what I'm looking for is a way to display the complete contents of the kml file on a map.

    Also, Google Maps limits the number of places that can be displayed on a single map page, and that is inconvenient, especially since there's no way to specify where the page breaks are.

    My map is of wineries in Israel, and if you're interested, you can see it here. You will notice that some of the wineries have place details and some do not, even though the kml file contains place details for all of them.

    If you can add functionality to to display complete kml data on a map, that would be outstanding.

  11. yossiswinepage

    The link doesn't seem to be working. My map is here:

  12. As long as someone is looking at plug-in suggestions, I'm wondering if you could look at a "giveaway" winner plug-in. I was all excited when I found one on another blog but, of course, figured out that I can't have it on my blog. Also, does this change if I upgrade? The one I was looking at allowed you to draw a winner from the comments on a particular post and set parameters for things like "eliminate duplicate entries" or "enter duplicate entries only one time." Also, it allowed you to put a graphic up showing the entry choice by the program. This would save me a lot of time counting comments over and over. Oh, and if that wasn't an option, being able to have the comments show up numbered would also help immensely.

  13. @bethstrand
    Your suggestion is off-topic in this thread. Please create your own thread >

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